Solar vs GraniteWhat brings more value to a home,  granite counter tops and wood floors or an energy efficient home with solar panels and radiant barrier?

This is a great question.   Diana and I were on a listing interview with a wonderful couple in Burleson the other evening.  The  home is super energy efficient with radiant barrier, triple pane vinyl windows and solar panels for whole house electricity.  The home is total electric and the highest electric bill last summer was $90!  Compare that to comparable homes in the neighborhood whose electric bills were over $400 during the same period.

Now here’s the deal, the comparable homes have upgraded interiors.  They have granite counter tops and wood floors but no enhanced energy efficiencies.  While the subject home has standard counters and carpet.  The cost of the energy upgrades about the same up front cost, $12,000 as upgrading to the pretty granite and wood floors.

So here’s my question.  As a home buyer, which would you choose if the price of both homes are the same?  The Energy Efficient Home or the Pretty Home?

For me, it’s an easy decision.  I’d choose the energy efficient home over the pretty home because with a $300 savings in my monthly living cost.  I can save up the money to put in the granite and wood floors.

What’s your opinion?