If you’re thinking about moving into a neighborhood that charges a Homeowner’s Association fee, you might be asking yourself “What does a homeowner’sassociation fee cover?” Especially if you’ve never lived in an area with an HOA before. While each association ranges in services and price, here are some of the most common services that HOA’s offer to their members:

  • City Services such as trash removal, water, and sewage
  • Insurance for your Exterior, so the fee will cover any damage (storm, tornado, etc.) of the outside of the building and/or the property around it
  • Lawn Care, which differs based on geographic location. For instance, if applicable, your fee will pay for snow removal, gardening, and regular lawn maintenance
  • Pest Control, and actually, most HOAs opt to have a monthly inspection in each unit from a pest control company to avoid serious pest infection
  • Regular Maintenance and Repairs to the Outside of the Building, including upkeep of roofing, siding, exterior paint, driveway, and pavement areas
  • Maintenance fees for the fitness center, clubhouse, and pool, if your neighborhood has them

Again, services and prices differ between companies and locations, so make sure you check with your HOA on the specifics of your fees. You can also talk to a real estate agent in the area for more information on HOAs.