Trinity River Trails – Your Adventure Starts Here


Trinity River TrailsOnce upon a time, Fort Worth – which is your best access point to Trinity River Trails – used to serve as a last stop for cattle drivers heading up north toward Kansas. Due to the consistent flow of traffic in the area, a military settlement was established in Fort Worth and its stockyards are now a part of one of the country’s most impressive historic districts.

Basic Facts about Trinity River Trails

Assorted trails for cycling, walking and running as well as horseback riding measuring more than forty miles make up Fort Worth’s famous system of trails. Roads for biking are made of either concrete or asphalt. The terrain is mostly flat but the less sheltered areas tend to be windy. Taking these trails will allow you to visit twenty-one parks, the Fort Worth Zoo, and Fort Worth Botanic Garden, the Log Cabin Village, its historic Stock Yards and can take you all the way to the downtown cultural district of Fort Worth.

Half of the Trinity River Trails consists of paved cycling roads which will take you to a wonderful journey along the meandering Trinity River while enjoying a little bit of bird watching. Stay on the lookout for endemic species such as Red-tailed Hawks, Great Blue Herons, and several types of Egrets.

According to sign posts along the Trinity River Trails, the trails may be used either from 5:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. or 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Just make sure you enjoy the trails between those hours, and you’ll be fine.

Etiquette 101 on Trinity River Trails

Always keep right when walking and pass by on the other side.

Pets should always be leashed. Be sure to clean up after your pet as well.

Be sure to use audible signals whenever you are passing by.

Littering and using the trail while under the influence as well as use of any unauthorized motor vehicle are strictly prohibited.

Always use lights when you are taking the trail at night.

Refrain from blocking the trail.

Recommended Access Points to Trinity River Trails

Parking lot of Northside Drive, which is located on the east of Main Street

University Drive

Trinity Park, also located at University Drive

Picnic pavilion and parking lot of Bryant Irvin Road

Shaded parking lot of State Route 183

Marine Creek Route, which starts at N.E. 23rd Street and will take you under the Historic Fort Worth Stock Yards