Top 10 Reasons Why People Are Moving To Texas

 (Part 2)

Ft Worth Population growthAside from more jobs, cheaper homes, lower cost of living, and less taxes, what are the other reasons why Texas is such a popular state for those who are moving or relocating?

Aside from the financial and practical reasons mentioned in my previous article, here are another 5 reasons why more people are moving to Texas.

1. Family-Friendly

Because of cheaper housing in Texas, this state has been popular with families. Some of the cities in Texas have a huge number of children in their population.

Texas is also an attractive place for families because aside from the reasonable mortgage, there are plenty of good schools in Texas. Restaurants are also family-friendly.

2. Fewer Regulations

Texas is a liberal state with very few regulations, from business regulations to city rules. It is actually a great place to do business in due to their lenient policies, with exception to mortgage lending rules, which are pretty strict in Texas.

3. Great Schools

Texas is home to world-class universities like the University of Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, and Rice University, among others. Despite of rumors that school dropout rates in Texas are high, Texas actually ranks high in high school graduation rates. This high rate shows that Texas takes care of economically disadvantaged and minority students.

4. Friendly People

Texans are very friendly people.Race relations in Texas are good, meaning Texans are more tolerant of people with different races and backgrounds. Big cities in Texas have a population with a rich and diverse mix of races and cultures.

5. Very Little Snow

It scarcely snows in Texas. When it does, snow is lighter compares to East Coast or states in the North.

Though there are also some cons of living in Texas, statistics show that the pros outweigh all the cons, as can be seen with the increasing number of people moving into Texas. So if you are tired of the cold weather, high cost of living, and ridiculous taxes and regulations in your area, then sell your house, pack your bags, get in your car and come on over to Texas!