Top 10 Reasons Why People Are Moving To Texas

(Part 1)

Texas More JobsOut of the 10 fastest growing cities in the U.S., five are in Texas, according to a new study from the US Census Bureau.

Why are more and more people moving to Texas lately?You can say that this population boom in Texas could be attributed to a natural increase, meaning there are more births than deaths, but how do you explain the growing number of people moving into the state from all over the U.S.?

Here are the top 5 reasons why people are moving to Texas:

1. More Jobs

One of the main reasons why people relocate is not due to weather or topography, but employment. The oil and gas boom in Texas has greatly boosted its economy, specifically Houston, the world energy capital. There has also been growth in other sectors like the manufacturing, tech, and business services.

Some critics question whether this sudden employment boom in Texas is because of cheap labor and substandard regulation.

On the contrary, Texas has many blue-collar and high-wage jobs waiting for university graduates.

One other sector which employs on a regular basis in Texas is the military, which grew significantly after the budget for defense increased a decade after the 9/11 attacks. Most of the retired residents in Texas first came into the state as servicemen.

2. Lower Cost of Living

People nowadays are looking for places to live where their pay check will last longer. LA, New York and the Bay Area are expensive states to live in, but Texas, specifically Houston, has the highest “effective” pay check in the nation.

This is based on a recent study by the website “New Geography,” which sites 3 cities in Texas as part of the top 10  metro areas in the nation with the lowest cost of living compared to average income.

Houston comes out on top due to the city’s low cost of living which includes utilities, transportation cost, consumer prices, and most especially, home prices. According to site, “The ratio of the median home price to median annual household income in Houston is only 2.9. While in San Francisco, it’s 6.7.”

If you are a blue-collar worker living in LA, New York, or San Francisco Bay Area, chances are you’re struggling to make ends meet and will be renting for life. But those living in Texas have better chances at living a middle-class lifestyle.You don’t have to spend much to have a nice quality of life in Texas.

3. Cheaper Real Estate

Texas is huge and since there is more land here, real estate is cheaper in Texas compared to other coastal states.

Aside from cheaper land, the process of acquiring land is very fast and efficient. Texas is quicker than other states when it comes to the time it takes to get a building permit all the way to the construction of homes.

4. Lower taxes

There are only seven states where residents do not pay personal state income tax, and Texas is one of them. There is also no corporate income tax in Texas.

Texas also has tax incentives for businesses. Legislators have recently cut more than $1 billion on proposed business taxes

5. Many Choices for Big Cities

Out of the country’s 20 biggest cities, 6 are in Texas. You can take your pick from San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Dallas, El Paso, or Fort Worth.

Whereas if you live in another state, such as Illinois, the only option you have if you want to live in a big city is Chicago.

For more reasons why people are moving to Texas, check out the second part of this article.