Even if there is no race scheduled for your day of visit, there is still a lot to enjoy at the Texas Motor

Enjoy an Organized Tour

If you don’t feel like exploring the enormous speedway on your own, you can always join one of the
tours offered by Texas Motor Speedway. Highlights of the tour include visits to Pit Road, Concourse, and
Victory Lane, checking out the Luxury Suites, buying souvenirs at the Gift Shop, and testing your skills
with track laps (if available).

Watch Up and Rising Stars from the Lone Star Legends

Lone Star Legends basically consist of students of a racing program held at the Texas Motor Speedway.
These are the future stars of the sport, and you have the chance to watch them perform – perhaps
even enjoy a few minutes of chatting with them, too – before they make their claim to global fame and
success on the speedway.

Enjoy Exclusive Perks at the Speedway Club

Yes, you definitely have to be a member first before you can enjoy all the exclusive perks offered at the
nine-story Speedway Club. As a full-fledged member, you get to host business or personal events in
one of its by-invitation-only function rooms, work out in its members-only Fitness Center and Spa, and
delight in one-of-a-kind feasts offered at the Starlit Dining Room.

Join Top Notch Driving Schools

There are driving schools and then there are driving schools like the ones offered by the Texas Motor
Speedway. There’s a difference between driving to get from Point A to Point B and driving to get
everyone’s heart beat like crazy. You will definitely learn how to achieve the latter if you participate in
one of the driving programs offered here.

There are six types of driving programs currently available. One of them is the NASCAR Racing
Experience, in which you have the fantastic opportunity to drive an actual NASCAR race car that was one
steered by the hands of famous NASCAR drivers such as Jeff Gordon, Dale Jr. and Jimmie Johnson.

Last but not the least, you are also strongly encouraged to have a pair of ear plugs and binoculars
ready to use when visiting the Texas Motor Speedway. Be sure to check weather forecasts and dress
appropriately as much of the place is outdoors. Lastly, don’t forget to wear your most comfortable pair
of shoes as you will have to do a lot of walking!