Fort Worth Tx


Fort Worth is the hub of the North Texas region. Fondly called “the City of Cowboys & Culture” Fort Worth TX is the 5th largest city in Texas and the 17th largest city in the United States. Fort Worth has with 741,206 residents. It is one of the best tourist destinations in Texas, welcoming approximately 6.5 million visitors annually because of the rich tapestry of culture, entertainment, dining, and recreation it offers.

Many people are buying homes in Fort Worth TX and moving into Fort Worth because of the lower cost of living, affordable homes, the rich cultural scene, world-class school system, and abundance of employment opportunities.

Communities in Fort Worth have been rated with a high walkability score. Walkability is one of the key factors in the livability of a community. In fact, Fort Worth is the 42nd most walkable large city in the US.

Compared to Dallas, which has a “big city” feel, Fort Worth has a more “laid back” feel. The communities are family friendly and the people here are big on southern hospitality.


Districts in Fort Worth, TX

There are several primary entertainment districts in Fort Worth, each offering distinct dining, shopping, entertainment and cultural amenities and which gives Fort Worth its unique flare and personality:


World-Class School System in Fort Worth, TX


One of the key factors that families consider in choosing where to live is the quality of the school district. The strong school system in Fort Worth attracts many residents to buy homes in Fort Worth, TX and helps the city prosper economically.


The public schools in Fort Worth are split between the Fort Worth Independent School District, Keller Independent School District, and Arlington Independent School District, and 25 more school districts. There are 241 public elementary schools, 64 public middle schools, and 45 public high schools in Fort Worth, TX. There are approximately 116,030 students attending public school in Fort Worth.


Business and Employment in Fort Worth, TX


Aside from the vibrant culture, great schools, family-friendly vibe, and abundance of entertainment and recreation opportunities that make Fort Worth a great place to live, it is also a great place to work. This is why many residents are relocating and buying homes in Fort Worth.


Major employers in Fort Worth include Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, with a total of 13,500 employees in Fort Worth, the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, with 11,400 employees, the American Airlines group, JPS Health Network, Harris Methodist Hospital, Bell Helicopter, Alcon, and the Fort Worth Independent School District, among others.


There are 154,106 business establishments in Fort Worth, TX with less than 10 employees, which is a good indicator that entrepreneurship is thriving in the community. There are 1,836 businesses in Fort Worth that have more than 250 employees, meaning major businesses and corporations are finding Fort Worth very conducive for business, thus contributing to its stable economy and the abundance of employment opportunities. A total of 337,112 are employed in Fort Worth, and there is only a 10.15% unemployment rate here.


Home Values and Housing in Fort Worth, TX


Homes for sale in Fort Worth, TX have a median price of $121,100, which is lower than the national median. 82% of homes in Fort Worth cost less than $200,000, making Fort Worth an affordable place to live in. Only 7% of homes in Fort Worth cost more than $500,000. 53% of homes are owner-occupied while renters comprise only 36.7% of homes in Fort Worth. This means a lot of people are really buying homes in Fort Worth, TX.




Things to Do in Fort Worth, TX


Residents and visitors alike enjoy shopping, dining, museums, sports, and other attractions that make Fort Worth one of the premier travel destinations in the U.S.A.


Here are some of the places to see and things to do in Fort Worth:


  • See classic masterpieces in the world-famous Cultural District in downtown Fort Worth.
  • Get a feel of authentic American Western culture in the Stockyards National Historic District.
  • Enjoy shopping and dining in the 35-block Sundance Square.
  • Watch world-class performances and shows at Bass Performance Hall.
  • Dine in one of many Fort Worth restaurants offering a variety of choices from Tex-Mex and BBQ to world-class cuisine.
  • Stroll along the famous Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.
  • Visit the Museum of Living Art at the world-renowned Fort Worth Zoo.
  • Experience life in the fast lane and watch NASCAR races at Texas Motor Speedway.




One of the things residents love about Fort Worth is its accessibility to all the major amenities and conveniences of a big city while retaining its laid-back feel. The nearest airport is DFW International Airport, which is conveniently located 17.5 miles from Fort Worth. With 1,850 flights daily, DFW Airport makes Fort Worth an easily accessible international and domestic destination for leisure, business, and recreation.