Six Flags Over Texas

Whether you are going with your partner, your family or friends, Six Flags Over Texas is one of the best
places to forget all about your adult inhibitions and worries and let your inner child reign free. Guests
can choose from or enjoy all three types of rides offered by the park, together with loads of food and

Thrill Rides

This type of ride will get your heart thumping in the most exciting way possible. There are a dozen of
them all in all, and some of them feature classic superheroes such as Batman The Ride – a rollercoaster
ride that gives you a 360-degree spin of Gotham City – and Superman: Tower of Power, which is the
tallest in the world for this type of ride. Other thrill rides at Six Flags Over Texas include The Gunslinger
and The Runaway Mine Train, which also happens to be the first ever tubular steel roller coaster in the

Family Rides

Family rides provide parents and children an opportunity to bond in one gloriously unique and
wonderful experience. With more than 20 family rides to choose from, you and your loved ones will
surely find enough rides for everyone to agree on.

This particular category includes all-time favorite rides such as the Silver Star Carousel, the Roaring
Rapids, and the Six Flags Speedway Go Karts. There are of course a couple of innovative offerings too,
such as the Acme Rock-N-Rocket which launches 50 passengers into a gravity-defying ride that boasts of
360-degree loops.

Kiddie Rides

This type of ride is perfect for introducing the young tots to their first foray into theme park adventures.
There are ten themed kiddie rides to choose from and they offer varying levels of thrills and spills that
are guaranteed to fill your children with excitement but never fear.

Speedy Gonzales’ Truckin’ Across America and Caddo Lake Barge are rides which have no minimum
height requirements as long as young passengers are accompanied by adults. Children can, however,
venture alone in rides such as Yosemite Sam’s Gold River Adventure and Michigan J Frog’s Tinseltown


A variety of shows are hosted by Six Flags Over Texas are offered for guests in the mood for a more
relaxing form of entertainment. This season’s roster of shows includes Meet The Justice League, Heart
of Texas, The Looney Tunes Dance Off, and Meet the Looney Tunes Pals. Limited show dates are also
offered for Aga-Boom and iLuminate.