Should I Have A Home Inspection?  Yes, Of course you should.  You should have an inspection on any home you are considering to purchase even new construction.  This is a check up on the home with trained eyes that has your best interest in mind.

In Texas we have an “Option Period” which is usually for 7 to 10 days after the execution of the contract.  You pay for the option right to terminate the contract for any reason during this period with non refundable funds to the seller.  During the period is where you have all of your inspections done.  I highly urge you to hire a licensed home inspector and not Uncle Joe, who used to build houses 20 years ago.   If you check with your Realtor they will have “tried and true” inspectors they can recommend to you.  During this period, generally you are still in negotiation of the deal as to required repairs with regard to safety and or blatant defects.  The repair issues can be cleared either by the seller doing the repairs or a cash settlement to the buyer.

What Does The Inspection Cover?

Nearly every house will have a list of repairs some will be serious and some will be of little concern.  A great inspector will take the time to explain the difference to you.  Licensed home inspectors are required by the State Of Texas to write up even the smallest of issues.  Their license is on the line and they are accountable to the State.  This is the difference between them and Uncle Joe.

A home inspection will cover, according to the (ASHI) “The Standard Home Inspectors Report” shall include the following.  The HVAC systems;  interior electrical and plumbing systems;  roof, attic,and visible insulation;  walls, ceilings and floors;  windows and doors;  structural components of the home.

What An Inspection Doesn’t  Cover.

They aren’t required to identify conditions concealed or latent defects.  This means if there is personal property piled in front of the attic access the inspector isn’t required to move all the stuff to gain access but this will be noted on the report.  This is where a good listing Realtor should inform the seller to move, if need be, any items that would interfere with the inspection.  This could cost the sale of the property.  Note to sellers.

Also they are not required to note the presence of mold or wood destroying insects.  These would be separate inspections.  Some inspectors are licensed to do a “WDI” and or Mold inspections but not all.  Most inspectors will point these issues out to the buyer, but they aren’t required to do so.

Having a home inspection here in Fort Worth will cost about 15 cents per square foot and in my opinion is money well spent.

I hope this had been helpful.  Remember always have a home inspection

Happy Trails,