Selecting your Real Estate agent should be done as carefully as selecting a doctor or an attorney.  Why?  Because for most people this is the largest purchase or sale you will make in your life.  So not all agents are alike.  We all have different personalities, experience and skill sets.  Choosing wisely means choose the best “Realtor” for the job and not because they are a relative or a friend or just some random person you got captured by on the internet.  Ask for an interview with several and go meet them in person or at least over the phone.  Select the one that addresses your needs and goals.

What is the difference between a Realtor and a real estate agent?  In order for a real estate agent to be a Realtor they must belong to the National Association of Realtors, The Texas Association of Realtors and a member of a local Real Estate Board.  Realtors are held accountable for their actions by these bodies, a simple real agent is not.

Ok Let’s get started.

“There’s a large gap between information and actionable knowledge.”  Powerful words aren’t they?

What it’s saying is that information by itself is essentially useless.  What’s truly important is being able to understand, analyze, and use the information for the best outcome, and that’s what my job as a  Realtor has become!  Turning information into actionable knowledge. Unfortunately, many agents are still living in the past and they believe being a Realtor is a sales job.  It’s not!

“The most powerful tool in your real estate tool box is a competent Realtor”

Let’s look at two scenarios that show this in action...

1. Some real estate agents still think that they’re adding significant value for you by creating a profile and inputting it into software that automatically emails you new listings that match your criteria. Do you really think there’s any value in sending people an auto-generated

email that says, “Here’s another listing to check out!”?  Well Yes and No

Today most buyers and sellers will start looking at properties 9 to 12 months before they are ready to get into the market.  Looking at properties for entertainment is one thing but if you are trying to decide on a neighborhood, school district, or within a specific drive time to your work, that’s completely different.

You need actionable knowledge.  You need someone to help you make actions productive.  How do you do that? Someone like myself that can give you valuable information that you cannot find online.  What are the traffic flows like?  What’s the future outlook like for that area?  What are demographics of the neighborhood or area?  What are the property tax rates?  Is it better to buy new construction or a re-sale home?

Remember I’m not trying to sell you a house I’m trying help you buy one.

2.  Many agents offer a CMA or “Comparative Market Analysis” which generally are computer generated trash that doesn’t consider your home’s condition, any upgrades you may have done, out buildings, pool and many other items that affect value.

The only way to get an accurate home value estimate is by a personal visit to the property by a full-time Realtor or you can hire an appraiser.  Both can give you a “professional opinion” using adjusted comps to attain an estimated value of the property.  They will look at the property with the same eyes and with no emotional attachment and give their opinion on the homes value based on the current market activity within a 1 mile radius or within your neighborhood.

When you hire me, we are a team.  We’ll work up the “feature benefit sales plan” for your property which is unique and market it according to the plan.

A sign in the yard, lockbox on the door and HOPE.  Is not a marketing plan.

Is your goal for me to sell your property for the most money in the shortest amount of time?

I hope this article has been helpful and if you have any questions you can call me anytime

Donnie Keller is the Owner Broker of Reata Realty in Fort Worth Texas. His company was founded in 2008 and he has been a Realtor since 1996. Cell 817-932-4900