A home seller often thinks they know their home & its value better than anyone.  The truth is, it’s the market that decides a home’s true value.

It doesn’t matter if it is a dilapidated shack or a glamorous estate – the market will tell you what your home is worth at that present time.

You should ask yourself though – Is your home priced accordingly?  Is it updated and in proper repair?  Is reluctance to complete repairs going to force you out of the retail market and into the wholesale market?

If your home is clean, orderly & in proper repair there is no reason that you shouldn’t get what you are asking for the property, as long as it is within the market value.

There are people out there – investors – who will purchase your house without the proper repairs being done but, you should be prepared to receive less than market value for the purchase of your home.  If you are unable to make the proper repairs but, are wanting to sell it, your sell price will have to reflect the “as-is” condition and the property will then entice someone solely on the potential value of the property.

Conversely, as we saw before, when a house is over priced the market will respond with a lack of interest and fewer showings.  Price fixes everything.

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