Just like pricing your home correctly matters, so does the way a buyer sees your house.  Not all buyers have a vision for changing paint colors and seeing a blank canvas through the current furniture & decorations that are currently in place.  Then there are those buyers who may have a vision but, are looking for more of a move-in ready home where they don’t have to do any work at all once they’ve purchased the property.  Each scenario & type of buyer is ok to have, you just need to be able to help them along the way.

How to help buyers see themselves living in your home when they walk through it?  Make it as neutral as possible.  This doesn’t mean take down anything that says “people actually live here” but, it does mean removing items that set a tone for the house as a whole.  Are you an art collector but, your home could appeal to more than just art collectors?  Try removing some of those items and place them in storage so that a potential buyer may be able to see themselves in your home.  Do you have family pictures on every single wall?  Consider removing several of them and either leaving the wall blank or replacing them with natural, nature-like pictures.

Let’s use the example of Apple stores.  Every store you walk into is sleek, clean & all white – a neutral pallet.  They have accessories that have bright colors & fun designs for you to add your personal touch to your phone or tablet.  That is what you want to do in your home when you are selling it.  Make it a blank, neutral canvas so that a potential buyer can come in and envision their pastel color theme instead of trying to see through a bold turquoise wall.

Bottom line – create an inviting, peaceful and calm space where prospective buyers can imagine themselves creating their own identity.

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