Many people feel you can choose just any Real Estate Professional to be your agent. I mean they do all have access to MLS so, what’s the difference? Well, there’s a big difference & having the right Real Estate Professional for you can make or break the deal.

Is your Real Estate Professional passive or proactive? Is this their full time, professional job or just a part-time gig? You must be sure to choose someone who is authentically focused on the sale of your home. Not just because they’re likable & you can talk easily with them. While this is a great thing to have with your Real Estate Professional, it shouldn’t be the only reason you choose them as your representative & guide through the selling & buying process.

Any and all agents have access to MLS. However, it’s important that your Real Estate Professional be able to recognize the current trends, seeing the pluses & minuses in the subject property versus the competition and seeing how to alter a home’s condition or price point will either pinch or profit the seller’s bottom line. Being a great agent is more than just placing yard signs, installing lock boxes, taking pictures and writing and negotiating contracts. A great agent will understand the product positioning and will accentuate ever positive about the house that will squeeze every dollar of value out of the sale. A strong agent will be empathetic to your needs but, tell you the honest truth about what needs to be done to the home in order to move forward. A strong success record = a strong agent.

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