Well, I started to write a blog at 6:00 am this morning and got sidetracked but that’s ok I’ll get it in before my first appointment this morning at 10:00.  It didn’t happen. 

My Wife was leaving for Tokyo and I spent breakfast with her instead of going to the gym and after going over the commercial lease I was to get signed today from my client.  It was time to shower and get on the road to Arlington to get the lease signed. 

I’m on time but set in the waiting room for 20 minutes before I’m able to meet with my client and go over the lease and get all of the signatures.  They don’t have the checks, it’s coming FedEx and not here yet.  So, I drive back to Fort Worth hoping to get to the blog and other things on my to do list done.  Just as I’m coming off the freeway to the office, phone rings, checks are in.  So, I turn around and drive 30 minutes back to Arlington to pickup the checks.  I get there and my client is gone, the secreatry tells me there aren’t any checks for me but if I would wait a few minutes my client would be back and get them for me.  I waited another 30 minutes before he returns to tell me the checks, which are coming from Washington DC., weren’t in the package that was sent but they would be there tomorrow. 

Someone in Washington messed up and didn’t put the right checks in, amaigne that!

So, I eat a heart attack in a sack and head to Weatherford, which is 30 miles the other way for my afternoon appointment and return just in time for my 4:00 conference call.

Here’s what I accomplished today.  I learned if you go to fatwallet.com you can get free coupons for domain purchases on Godaddy.com.  I drove about 150 miles and got a lease signed I’d been working on for a month and half and now it’s 6:30 pm and I’m writing my blog I started 12 hours ago.  I also learned how to add a hyperlink with an anchor text into my blog.  Thanks Brad.

Tomorrow’s another day.

Happy Trails, DK