Everyone loves Pizza and no one more than me. So I put together my favorite Pizza Joints here in Fort Worth. Check these out and if I didn’t mention your favorite Pizza Place, send it to me and I’ll try your favorite out.

Taverna Gorgozola-Fort Worth Tx

Taverna-Gorgonzola: 450 Throckmorton St 817-885-7502 tavernabylombardi.com

My favorite was the gorgonzola pizza toped with thin sliced pears which is no longer but the new updated version is just awesome. It’s topped with pancetta, dark carmelized onions, sweet figs and big globs of dolce latte. Thin crust and wood fired! Check out the half price specials during happy hour.

Mellow Mushroom Fort Worth

The Mellow Mushroom: 3455 Blue Bonnet Circle, 817-201-9677  mellow mushroom.com

If you want far out flavors this is the place to go. With big dense doughy, garlic infused crusts. My favorite is the Maui Wowie. This parmesan dusted pizza is heavy to hold with so many toppings such as jerk seasoned grilled chicken, big pineapple chunks, bacon, honey ham, sliced banana peppers and fresh pesto sauce. It’s a two handed slice of sweet and salty.

Pizza Snob

Pizza Snob: 3051 S University Dr. 817-462-7662 pizzasnob.com

Another TCU favorite and mine as well with elevated toppings and weird combinations that really work. I like the simple Italian Sausage pie. It’s topped with crisp sausage pieces and buttermilk Alfredo sauce and Jalapeños all on a light thin crust. It’s creamy, sweet and spicy. You’ll want to try it on your first visit.

Rocco's Wood Fired Pizza

Rocco’s Wood Fired Pizza: 5716 Locke Ave 817-731-4466 roccosfortworth.com

I’m a big fan of Wood Fired Pizza and Rocco’s is the place to call for take out. The crust is puffed and charred a bit but in a good way. I like the simple pepperoni and Black olive mixed with the flavor of the wood fire, it’s the best for watching Football games.


Campisi’s: 6150 Camp Bowie Blvd 817916-4561 campisis.com

Located on Camp Bowie closest to my house this place has an awesome All The Way Pizza. Sausage crumbles, salami cubes, sliced mushrooms, green peppers and onions and a most interesting oblong shape. A great to hang out for happy hour on the West side.

Again there are many many more great Pizza Places in Fort Worth but theses are some of my favorites. I’m continuing the search for more. I hope you enjoy one of these awesome places.