We are getting ready to build an outdoor kitchen and living space at our home and here are 7 of my favorite outdoor kitchens.  We’ll use these or the ideas from these to come up with our own prefect outdoor kitchen.  This is a huge selling point for homes here in Fort Worth.  In my opinion, you’ll get 100% ROI on the resell.Outdoor Kitchens#1

I like the cover over this kitchen.  This rest of it looks cheap but the cover is really cool and different.

Outdoor Kitchen#2I like the clean lines of this kitchen and the sophistication.  I also like the casters on part of the counter so you can move the unit around.  Very cool!

Outdoor kitchen#3Me and the guy in the picture are probably the only two people that thinks this outdoor kitchen is cool.  Great for a place in the country but not going to work for us here in Fort Worth

Outdoor Kitchen#4This is really nice.  This is closer to what we are looking for.  The outdoor kitchen and living space.  The sitting area can be turned into a dining area as well.

Outdoor Kitchen#5This probably a little small but I like the style.  Add more space for dining any this would be excellent.

Outdoor Kitchen#6This one is my favorite.  Plenty of counter space for cooking.  Room for guests at the bar and a dining area.  This is a place everyone will love to hang out!

Outdoor Kitchen#7I really like the simplicity of this one.  Lots of counter space and just real clean and very cool.  I would want it covered and add a gas grill and it would be awesome.

So there you have a few of the many thousands of Outdoor Kitchen designs.  The best one is the one you actually use.