It’s Wild At The Fort Worth Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo was founded in 1909 and now is proud of over 5,000 species exotic and endemic to Texas. Frequently reaching the country’s listing of Top 10 zoos, it currently houses the following exhibits:

  • African Savannah
  • Asian Falls
  • Australian Outback
  • Cheetahs
  • Flamingo Bay
  • Meerkat Mounds
  • Museum of Living Art
  • Parrot Paradise
  • Penguins
  • Raptor Canyon
  • Texas Wild
  • World of Primates

If you feel the enjoyment begins and stops with learning about the world of animals, you better think again. Children along with the whole family will also find themselves entertained by the various attractions on location.The Western-themed Country Carousel gives kids a fantastic spin on painted horses while waiting parents may have a brief rest from all the walking. Tickets can be purchased at the Train Depots at $2 each. 

  • The Playbarn is surely an interactive play zone where kids may like a jungle-themed adventure together with the climbing, crawling and sliding action that they want. On the side, there are fun but educational lessons about farm babies.

  • The Petting Coral presents a milder version of the zoo’s inhabitants, with domesticated animals roaming the vicinity. In here you may enjoy the opportunity to pet a guinea hog, goats and chickens, a Texas longhorn calf, a 9-banded armadillo as well as an opossum as well as corn snakes and Texas tortoises. Although feeding is not allowed, grooming activities are offered.

  • The Lone Star Mining Company Movie House is the final stage in Texas Wild and provides viewers a glimpse of just how “wild” it is to live in the country’s largest and freedom-loving state.

  • The Tasmanian Tower, located in the Australian Outback Zone of Fort Worth Zoo, represents a 25-foot challenge for kids with a passion for rock climbing. Tickets are at $3 each.

  • The Weather Theater provides a unique and fun summary of Texas’ changing weather and outdoor living.

  • The Yellow Rose Express Train is a brilliant way of getting to Texas Wild from the Safari Depot – and the other way around. One-way tickets are at $2 each.

  • The Wild West Shooting Gallery promises interactive laser targeting fun amidst a elaborate Texan town backdrop.

Dining areas and gift shops can also be found on site.

Admission Hours and Prices

Fort Worth ZooIf you are planning to visit Fort Worth Zoo anytime soon, please be reminded that while the zoo opens every day at 10:00 a.m. closing hours vary from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. It’s best to call in advance if you will be going to the zoo late in the afternoon. The zoo tends to be more crowded during mornings, however, due to school trips.

Children aged 3 to 12
years of age as well as seniors are charged $9 while adults and children aged 13 up are charged $12. A $5 fee is charged for parking. To lower your admission prices, consider visiting on a Wednesday for half-admission prices.

In an effort to make the Fort Worth Zoo far more convenient and comfy to explore, complimentary chairs are offered as well as rental motorized scooters and strollers. Although pets aren’t allowed, visitors may have along with them certified service animals.

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