Is Your Home Ready For The Open House?


Open house, or the day when your home can be visited and checked by potential buyers, might be the most crucial day that a home seller must carefully prepare for. The first impression that your home would give to buyers can make or break your selling plans. If you want to make sure that your Fort Worth home for sale is truly ready for an open house, try answering the questions below.


1.       Have you removed unnecessary personal touches in your home?

Most of the time, it’s hard for sellers to depersonalize their homes. Attachments to things that you value around the house may hinder you from determining what should be removed and what should stay. Always try to look at things in the buyer’s perspective. If you were the buyer, would it be easy for you to imagine living in a home filled with religious items you don’t believe in, or family pictures and memorabilia that are not yours? Letting go of these items would make enough room for you to examine what improvements can be done to make your home more attractive.

2.       Does your home look clean?

Surely, you know the importance of cleaning before showing your home to potential buyers. Before the big day, tour your home and check places where dust and dirt might accumulate and do a quick touch up. Make sure curtains and bedspreads are nicely arranged and places that are often touched, like handrails are clean.

3.       Does your home smell clean?

Be sure to tuck away objects that might make unpleasant smell like dog food, shoes or litter boxes. Let the bad smell out by opening the windows and doors. Invite pleasant smell by using fresh flowers. Most potential buyers like the smell of good food baking or coffee brewing.

4.       Can buyers see the best assets of your home?

This involves trying to minimize or eliminate distraction so potential buyers can rest their eyes on the selling points of your home rather than on clutter or on an unimportant but eye catching furniture. Try to organize things by using just a few bins or storage that won’t destroy the appeal of you home. The idea is to avoid leaving too many loose items on open places.

5.       Is the furniture arrangement conducive to comfortable movement?

You want the visitors of your open house to move around freely and comfortably. If anything is blocking the way, even if it has been there for centuries, don’t think twice and move it. This doesn’t mean you have to remove everything, because having a bare space also doesn’t leave a good impression. The goal is to have just enough furniture placed in strategic locations both for style and mobility.

6.       Are the temperature, lighting and sound just right?

We don’t want a house that’s too cold or too hot. We also don’t want loud and distracting noises. But we do appreciate good lighting. Buyers would also get a good impression of your home if these things are in check. Make sure to let natural light and relaxing natural sound (trees swaying, birds chirping) in as much as possible. Relaxing music can also do the trick.

7.       Can visitors have the information they need?

Placing brochures or information pamphlets near the entrance or exit is a good tactic. Moreover, you want visitors to take only the information they need, nothing more and nothing less. This means you also have to secure personal information and valuable items beforehand.

Hopefully, these questions can help you be more ready on your open house. Don’t miss an item and your Fort Worth Texas home is sure to make a good impression.


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