Well folks I’m not feeling very bloggy today.  As some of you know I had surgery on my feet last week and they are bandaged up like two little babies.  So, I get up this morning feel like a shower.  I roll out of bed feed Shorty the Wonder Dog, make coffee, which I forget to turn the coffeemaker on.  Waddle back to the shower and break out the duct tape and plastic freezer bags to cover my feet so I keep the bandages dry.  I’m wrapping my feet up and make a mental note to self;  I should invent a better way to keep bandaged feet dry in the shower other than freezer bags and duct tape.  No, it doesn’t hurt anymore pulling the duct tape off my ankles I fixed that the first time without shaving the hair, just ripped it right off but was saved by the pain pills. 

So, the shower went well except the bags leaked.  Ok, no panic!  I grabbed my wife’s hair dryer and go to work trying to dry 2 pounds of wet cotton and gauze wrapped up in a pressure bandage.  I’m making progress until the dryer just stops.  What’s up with that?  I guess if the dryer gets too hot it quits.  Any way into the laundry room, off with the pressure bandages and into the clothes dryer, then go back to the hair dryer to dry the cotton and gauze.  So, this is working out pretty good.  How about some coffee, no coffee, forgot to turn on the machine.  Fixed that, now we got coffee brewing bandages drying and the hair dryer restarted, after I found it had a reset button.

Phone rings…. It the IRS.  I’m getting audited for 2007

So, I’m not going to write a blog today and mention that I’m in real estate in North Texas and specialize in upscale rural residential and horse properties.  I’m busy getting my records together for my visit from the IRS. Oh, and enjoying my coffee.

Cheers and Happy Trails