Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo represents itself as being the most prestigious of most rodeo shows in the country. Considering how it’s just a few years shy from celebrating its 120th anniversary, you will find few individuals disagreeing. What you should expect from the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

Tickets sell out pretty early so advance reservations are definitely encouraged. You don’t have to worry much about parking as well since shuttle service is offered at very reasonable places. Just be on the lookout for the list of pick-up and drop-off points for the year you’ll be attending the event.

In 2012, the 23-day event boasts of a record-setting attendance of more than 1,200 athletes. Purchase of this year’s Grand Champion Market Steer had also went to the stock show’s history records. Every day, new shopping opportunities are available together with a wide range of rodeo and livestock shows as well as food and live music to keep you entertained during the day.

Special treats such as the “moo-seum” experience were also prepared to delight the kiddies. In the FFA Children’s Barnyards, kids will be able to enjoy live encounters newborn calves, baby lambs, and their respective parents as well as fun but educational talks about the way they are raised.

In the Milking Parlor, children are sure to end up amazed with the live milking demonstrations showing how milk actually makes its way to their doorsteps every day. Meanwhile, kids learn about the little-known advantages of farming in Planet Agriculture. Their comprehension of this all-important activity is further deepened in the AG Magic Show, which revolves around the story of the American Farmer.

Other children’s attractions that aren’t to be missed throughout the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo include the Petting Zoo, the Star Telegram Stock Show Art Contest, and programs featuring the show’s famous Ambassadors Moos Brothers and Hoss & Elwood.


The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo have exciting exhibits to offer throughout the year – on, before, and after the eagerly anticipated rodeo show. Aside from a wide range of commercial exhibits, there are of course also exhibits featuring horseflesh, livestock, pigeons, rabbits, and poultry.

Calf Scramble

The Calf Scramble is a fun and family-friendly event to enjoy. It’s also quite a meaningful one as kids who’ve successfully beaten the scramble and nab calves for themselves are awarded scholarships by the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

When coming to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, make sure you check out its on-site museums, which feature the Cattle Raisers Museum, the National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame, and the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Restaurants on site as well include the Reata at the Rodeo, Stockman’s Café Barn, La Espuela, and the Round Up Inn Food Court.