Fort Worth Botanic Garden – Soothe Your Soul

Established in 1934 and consisting of twenty-three specialty gardens, Fort Worth Botanic Garden is a haven that guests of all ages would find wondrous to discover. It boasts of over 100 acres of lush and innovatively designed landscapes and also over 2,500 varieties of flowers and plants. Although the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens offer free admission, visitors do have to pay admission when visiting a couple of its attractions or The Japanese Garden and The Conservatory namely.

Lower Rose Garden

Designed after Villa Lante of Italy featuring its spectacular vistas, this is one of the most loved venues utilized for garden events, weddings, and other outdoor events.

Oval Rose Garden

Redesigned in 2002, this area of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden features “The Oval”, which consists of a ring of Texas’ finest roses. This historic garden also features a picturesque gazebo making it excellent for more intimate parties.

Japanese Garden

This seven-acre section will transport you to a land of ageless Oriental elegance. Beautiful discoveries await website visitors along every twisting path of the garden. Thousands of koi swim in its pond, and if you’re lucky they may just stay still long enough to let you feed and pet them.

Perennial Garden

A photographer’s paradise, the Perennial Garden is a place guaranteed to steal everyone’s hearts. While chefs are certain to love the astonishing collection of herbs within the garden, kids are sure to enjoy numerous minutes frolicking along its ponds and its majestic waterfall. Parents can watch over them from any of the cozily shaded spots in the area while experiencing and enjoying the breathtaking views.

Fragrance Garden

The pocket-sized Fragrance Garden is one of Fort Worth’s best-kept secrets. Simply rub the leaves of any bloom that catches your eye, and the air will be tinged with one of Earth’s loveliest scents.

Trial Garden

To know much more about plants and flowers that local gardeners are presently cultivating and studying, go to Trial Garden. While lounging at its octagonal gazebo, you will be able to see which blooms are being considered for permanent residency in the Garden.

Four Seasons Garden

Colors blaze into life in the Four Seasons Garden, where each passing of season is represented by its special number of blooms.

Other areas that you can take time to discover in the Fort Worth Botanic Garden are the Conservatory, Fuller Garden, Water Conservation Garden, the Texas Native Forest Boardwalk, the Water Wise Entrance, and the Begonia Species Bank, through which local efforts are being carried out to save lots of the species from extinction. Public activities ranging from training courses to concerts are regularly scheduled so there’s never a monotonous moment to experience while taking the pathways of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.