Earlier this month we had the pleasure of having lunch at a fairly new restaurant in town – Fixture.  Located in the Near Southside area of Fort Worth, it’s right on Magnolia Ave.

Part of the Fixture philosophy is “Food doesn’t have to be expensive to be great…” and they couldn’t live by that any better!  When you walk into Fixture you immediately feel its comfortable, laid back vibe.  All are welcome & they just want you to have a good meal and enjoy your time there.

Fixture promotes community by only offering naturally grown food – or as they like to put it, “…no processed or lab-created ingredients” go into their food.  They strive to support as many local & American-based businesses as possible by carrying American boutique wines, local craft beer & American spirits.

When deciding on a new lunch spot last week, we were looking over menus of different restaurants we hadn’t been to.  When one of us saw that Fixture offered chicken & waffles on the menu our search was done.  Hook, line & sinker!  And boy they did not disappoint!  Likely one of the best chicken & waffle plates I have had!  (My completely empty plate at the end might have been a give away for that…)  The chicken was well battered & had great flavor.  The waffle was as big as the plate and was also great!  The Chicken & Waffle is normally served with Fixture’s Chipotle Maple Syrup – the chipotle is made in house & infused into the syrup – it has a smoky flavor to it which for those who like a smoky flavor would love this.  However, I’m not big on smoky flavors so I opted for the regular maple syrup.  Hence the two containers of syrup on my plate…

Fixture is currently participating in Restaurant Week until the 31st of January and you can also celebrate Valentine’s Day at Fixture as they are open at a special time just for the special occasion.  Check out all of Fixture’s upcoming events here.

We hope you enjoy your time at Fixture as much as we did!