Farming and Ranch Land in Burleson, Texas

If you are looking for a rural setting to put down some roots, try looking in the area just south of Fort Worth, Texas. For excellent farming and ranch land with amazing soils.  The Texas towns of  Burleson, Joshua and Cleburne areas have a rich beautiful strip of sandy loam where the Oak trees grow big and beautiful. This soil is rich and easy to work in.

Coastal Bermuda grows thick and tall and makes nutrient rich hay for cattle and horses. This soil in the Burleson area is also easy on your horses’ hooves and doesn’t pull shoes off like the black clay can when it gets wet and sticky. There are many horse ranches in this area. Most are attracted to the sturdy oak trees and natural creeks and ponds that are native to this area.

If you like farming, the soil is so easy to work in as you plant gardens, orchards or just want a nice yard to enjoy. This rich soil maintains a good balance of keeping the moisture in, but also drains quicker than most clays. Therefore, plants and grasses tend to maintain a more stable water usage. This is Burleson, Texas, so we do have to water regularly but the rural areas that have this wonderful sandy loam are quite nice to work with and easy to maintain. Fruit trees grow quickly and produce nice fruit in a short time. The sandy loam makes any kind of planting much easier than the hard clays.

There are quite a few local farms that take nice produce to the local Farmer’s Market held in Burleson at Clark and Renfro streets from 8am-2pm every Saturday through the summer growing season. Join us for some fresh home grown produce.

So if you are considering a rural setting and country living at its best, consider the towns just south of Fort Worth on I-35, exit Burleson 174 and it will take you through Burleson, Joshua and then on to Cleburne. You might find a new place to hang your hat.

Happy Trails,