Having  lead generation websites sometimes has it’s downside.  Our MLS, NTREIS is one of the largest in the nation.  I believe it covers about 500 square miles and 31 Counties in North Texas.  So as a result I get leads that are way out of my trade area and to serve the customer I have tried to find good agents that I can send these leads to on a referral basis in those areas.

So, I get a few leads that are looking for homes or properties in Abilene Texas which is a 2 1/2 hour drive from Fort Worth.  I don’t know anything about Abilene or the market there.  To service these customers I went on Active Rain to find a good and comptent realtor to take care of these people.

I called this agent and we agreed to terms and I started sending him leads last week.  The following is an email I received from him last evening a week after the first lead.

Why that SWEET Fucking “ Glenn Gary” led turn cold? You tossing me out BS ?If you are do that I will gladly do the same to you and let you I don’t  send time on losers that don’t even want info sent to them SEND ME GOOD Leads or got loet;


 I’ll be more careful who I send leads to from now on.

Happy Trails,