Every year, millions of visitors come to the Fort Worth Cultural District to marvel at its wonderful array

of museums and cultural attractions. One of its most popular offerings, however, would no doubt be

the Modern Art Museum. Aside from being Texas’ oldest museum, it also features one of the most

impressive collections of contemporary works. Numbering in the thousands, its diverse collection

includes works on paper, contemporary photography, artworks, and sculptures.


An Architectural Wonder


Visiting the Fort Worth Cultural District is like visiting a land filled with architectural wonders, and the

Modern Art Museum – designed by the world famous Tadao Ando – is certainly one of those. Built on

five pavilions made of glass and concrete, the museum also boasts of a vast and stunning reflecting pond

and with its overlooking Café Modern nearby.


A Shopping Paradise for Lovers of Culture and the Arts


No matter how many times you visit the Modern Art Museum, you are unlikely to go home empty

handed as the Modern Shop is likely to have something new and delightful to offer. There is a

spectacular array of books and educational toys for your kids as well as decorative items and jewelry

that can serve as wonderful souvenirs for your friends and family back home.


Exquisitely Fine Dining


Enjoying your lunch at the Café Modern is always an exquisite pleasure. The café’s sumptuous selection

of dishes is a joy to look at and is even more delightful to sample. Just one taste of any of Café Modern’s

dishes is enough to let you know why Gourmet magazine has singled it out as one of America’s best



Events Galore


There is never a dull moment at the Modern Art Museum of the Fort Worth Cultural District. Lectures

helmed by famous scholars, critics, and artists are offered free to the public. On other evenings of the

week, you can choose to attend one of the museum’s musicals, concerts, or film presentations. If you

take a look at the museum’s calendar of events, you’ll see that there’d never be a week you won’t have

an event to look forward to attending.


The Modern Art Museum of the Fort Worth Cultural District is open from Tuesdays to Sundays. Regular

operating hours are from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. although during Fridays the museum remains open

until 8:00 p.m. Discounted admission rates are offered for Seniors and students wile Museum members

and children age 12 years old and under enjoy free admission.