When you’re considering buying a new home, there are a lot of different tasks you need to check off the list. Getting a home inspection is among the items on the list; however, some people question whether they need the home inspections, or if it is one of those things that they can skip. Ultimately, getting a home inspection is your choice, but there are a few things you need to consider before ruling it out.

Second Opinion

You wouldn’t move forward with treatment from a doctor without a second opinion, so why would you spend a significant amount of money on a home without getting a second opinion. A home inspector acts as your second opinion and will be there to provide you with necessary information you will need about the home you are about to purchase.

What to Expect

A typical home inspection can last anywhere from two to three hours, all of which you should be present for. That way you can ask questions or get an explanation about what the inspector is looking for and why. Additionally, if there is a problem it will be easier for you to understand, rather than seeing pictures of the problem. The home inspector will examine everything from the interior to the exterior of your home.

Finding Your Inspector

Getting an inexperienced home inspector is definitely not necessary; however, getting a home inspector who knows what he or she is talking about can save you tons of money. Sure, they will be more expensive, but you’ll be thanking them in the end. Read reviews and ask your friends and family who they used for their home inspection and if they were happy with it. This will help narrow down your search using sources you can trust.


A home inspection may seem like an unnecessary, added expense in the beginning of your new home search. However, if you don’t get an inspector and find out later that there is something wrong with your new home, you’ll be wishing you had one to warn you about potential problems. For more information to help you decide whether or not you should get a home inspector, visit here.