Cowboy Stadium or Cowboys Stadium in Fort Worth Texas has something more to offer than just being the home of the mighty Dallas Cowboys. Aside from being the biggest domed structure in the world, the stadium also has its own classroom and art museum as well as a variety of programs and activities for visitors to enjoy. There are currently four types of tours you can enjoy in this place: self-guided tours, educational tours, art tours, and VIP guided tours.

Self-Guided Tours
Self-guided tours are only available when the football field is down. You get to enjoy discounted rates if there are more than 20 individuals in your group. These tours start out with the Cowboys Stadium Pro Shop and continue on with access to the locker room for the Cowboys and their cheerleaders, the room used for post-game interviews, and the Miller Lite Club.
Additional information may be obtained from tour guides available in every point of interest included in your tour. When you go to the football field, you’ll also find a photo station that can take photos of you and your group with the all-famous star of the Cowboy Stadium.

Educational Tours
The list of activities for this type of tour will depend on your requirements. Rates will also vary on a case to case basis.

Art Tours
There are two types of art tours you can enjoy in the Cowboys Stadium of Fort Worth Texas. Audio guided tours are available at 10:00 a.m., 12:00 noon, and 2:00 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday. For this tour, you can either download the Cowboys Stadium Art application for free or you can borrow one of the handheld devices available at the stadium.
Guided tours are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the same schedule as above. You’ll be accompanied by one of the establishment’s knowledgeable guides as you learn more about the museum-quality art collection housed in the Cowboys Stadium.

VIP Tours
For total access to all the best spots in the Cowboys Stadium, you definitely need to sign up for the VIP tour. Rates are discounted if you have a group of at least 20 individuals. Aside from the areas that are accessible to those on regular tours, VIP tours also provide you access to additional attractions such as the Ford Motor Company fountain, the Dr. Pepper Star Bar, the office vestibule of the Cotton Bowl, the press box of the print media, and one of the private suites in the Main Club.

It’s an experience just to see this amazing structure even more so when the Cowboys play and they win.

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