Architectural Trend #2:  Relaxation

Architectural Trend #2: Designing for Relaxation

Glamorous homes in the magazines and TV are impressive, but are they relaxing? The trend this 2014 in homes is choosing comfort and relaxation over glamour and size.

Homeowner are now shifting towards simpler, worry-free living with a more realistic approach to home design.

One of the easiest way for improving, remodeling, or decorating a home where you can truly relax and unwind is to create a home spa.

More and more people are turning one area of their home into a place where they can retreat, relax, and unwind. The emerging trend in 2014 is the home spa. In the last quarter of 2013, the home spa grew by 10% compared to the same quarter of 2012. Over 50% of newly built homes in the U.S. are now equipped with a whirlpool bath. You don’t have to be good in numbers or statistics to know that these figures should not be brushed aside when it comes to deciding which improvements will boost the value and and attract multiple offers for your Fort Worth home for sale.

With virtually all adults having multiple jobs, hectic schedules, and an overload of information everyday, who doesn’t want a place of their own to retreat from the hustle and bustle and just kick of their shoes and relax?

Design your Fort Worth home with relaxation and comfort in mind and your home will not only rejuvenate you, but also give you some serious profit – should you desire to sell it.

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