Often times the new year means wiping the slate clean & starting fresh.  Organization tends to be at the top of many people’s “New Year Goals”.  So, in an effort to help you stay on track with your goals & truly wipe the slate clean we’re sharing out tips for getting organized.

Starting off in the kitchen – the heart of the home!  If you have an unorganized kitchen – no matter the size – it is likely you will not want to cook in it!  Big or small it is important that you keep your kitchen organized so that when you are in there things can flow like a well oiled machine.  So, here’s our steps for creating an organized kitchen!

1. Purge – First things first – you must begin going through all of your cabinets & drawers one by one & purging those items that you have multiples of or you simply don’t use anymore.  You used to bake a lot but, now you can’t remember the last time you baked??  Toss the baking supplies! Chances are if you ever decide to pick-up baking again, you can grab the basic necessities for next to nothing.  Have an overflow of plastic containers that you’ve been saving or grandma keeps giving to you??  Only keep what you truly need & toss the rest!  Also, make sure every container has a lid – if it’s supposed to & it doesn’t, toss it!  And remember, just because you no longer use certain items in your kitchen doesn’t mean you have to literally throw them away – start some storage boxes and gather items for a garage sale or to donate them to a local charity.

2. Take Inventory – Now that you have purged everything that you do not use or do not need, it’s time to take inventory of what you do have.  Start by putting items together in groups – all your pots & pans together, all of your storage containers together, cups, spices, etc.  Don’t forget about under the kitchen sink!  A spot often neglected but, still just as important!  Check out this under the kitchen sink organization for inspiration!

3. Organization Systems – Once you’ve taken inventory and know exactly what you have, it’s time to take a look inside the cabinets & drawers and think about what was & was not working for you previously.  This is a good time to pull out a pen & paper and write everything down.  I especially love this Organizing Project Plan of Attack printable from IHeart Organizing.  Now you can decide what types of organization systems you would like to install within your kitchen.  Pinterest has a lot of great ideas that work for any size kitchen – all it takes is a little imagination & creativity!

4. Restock – Now that you have purged, taken inventory of what all you have left & have installed your organization systems it is time to begin restocking all of your kitchen cabinets & drawers.  Be open minded about how things go back in.  If something doesn’t look right or seems like it won’t work great in a certain space, change it around until you find something that works perfectly for you within your space.  Don’t go right back to silverware in the same drawer it was before just because it’s been there for 10 years… if hand towels would really work better there then find a new home for the silverware!  Again, be open minded & creative!

5. Label – This step may not be for everyone but, you might try it & see how it works for you!  You could take it as far as labeling the shelves within your cabinets to know which items live on each shelf or just label containers that you pour bulk items in to.  Labeling can not only help you remember how you’ve organized your new space but, it will also help others to know where items should go when they are putting things away.  You can even make labeling fun with these free decal printables!

Good luck getting organized!