10 Apps For Finding Local Businesses – We’ve heard it time and time again-buying from local businesses helps support your area’s economy and benefits the community. But how do you find these shops, stores and restaurants? Many of these businesses cannot afford the expensive marketing plans that their corporate competitors have, and social media and word of mouth can only get them so far. Luckily, with the invention of smartphone applications, you can now find a great local business that suits your needs right from the palm of your hand.  Below are 10 apps to help you find your next hardware store, coffee shop or boutique. Start searching for your next find!

  1. Yelp – This app allows users to post reviews on local businesses and rates them, allowing users to better find suggestions based on their location. Categories include food, shopping, arts and entertainment, beauty, nightlife, real estate, and many more. You can also find businesses by name or keyword.
  2. WhitePages – Did your friend tell you about a great café or local toy store but didn’t give you the address? WhitePages can help you find a business and supply you with its address, phone number and any other information you need.
  3. Yahoo! Search – If you’re trying to find the local scene in your city or neighborhood, this app can help. Yahoo! Search allows users to discover businesses, get directions, read reviews and share the business with others. It also has coupons and an event search for things going on in the area.
  4. CitySearch – Are you new in town? You can use this app to find businesses or attractions in your city based on categories, location or key word. Users then can find best matches complete with address and directions, phone numbers, links to the business’ official web site, as well as reviews.
  5. Zagat – When you’re looking for a new restaurant or place to hit the town, check out the Zagat app. With Zagat, you can find restaurants, bars and clubs, their social media profiles, photos and reviews. The only catch is that the app only curates content for a select number of cities, such as Austin, Boston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and Philadelphia.
  6. Google Maps– This app isn’t just for navigation. Simply search by key word and you’ll find a list of suggestions complete with reviews and contact information. The best part is that you’re already in Google Maps, so getting there is easy as pie.
  7. Business Locator – If you’re looking for something specific, this app can help! Just search for a business by name, city or key word and find several suggestions, complete with address and directions.
  8. NearMe – Whether you’re looking for a new store in your hometown or looking for recommendations for your next vacation, this app can help. Search by more than 40 categories or by key word based on location and find contact details, photos, distance and location of suggested businesses. You can also share your recommendations with friends and sync the app to your social media!
  9.  Urbanspoon – This app is great if you’re looking to try a new restaurant! Just shake your phone and Urbanspoon slot machine will suggest a restaurant for you. You can also search for what’s nearby in your neighborhood and make reservations with this app and see reviews.
  10. Localscope – Whether you’re searching for suggestions around the corner or a plane ride away, this app works worldwide to find suggestions. Search based on location and keyword and get ratings, reviews and directions. You can also call a business directly from the app. Localscope allows you to share your results on social media and is integrated with several other apps to get the best suggestions.

Have you used any of these apps? How do you find local businesses? Leave a comment and let us know!